Here, on the Your Own Series Wiki, we have a general set of rules that must be followed by all of the users on the wiki, not reading these rules is not a good excuse and if you get caught breaking them, you may get blocked.

General ruleset

  1. No bad language on the wiki!
  2. Don't troll, harsh, scare etc. other users on the wiki.
  3. Don't be mean to other users on the wiki.
  4. Don't spam other users.
  5. You must read these rules and make sure to follow them, or you'll get blocked.
  6. Not reading these rules is not an excuse for breaking them.

Editing rules

  1. Before making any page, please post a request on the shows and movies board and name the thread Show: "Show name" or Movie: "Movie name" telling us all your ideas!
  2. After you posted your request for a show/movie you should wait for an admin to reply and if the admin approves your request, then you can create the page.
  3. If you make a new page without it being approved, it will be deleted by an admin as soon as possible.
  4. Unnecessary edits are not allowed. Unnecessary edits are: removing content from pages, adding unnecessary categories, removing punctuation signs and adding them again etc.
  5. Do not add any kind of inappropriate material to the wiki, and this includes pictures, videos etc.

Chat rules

  1. No cursing in the chat.
  2. Be nice and polite to everyone.
  3. Agree to disagree.
  4. Don't start fights between users.

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