X-Men: Future Generation is an animated series based on Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name. 


In the future, a younger generation of X-Men lives under the protection of Logan  (Wolverine), Ororo Munroe (Storm) and Hank McCoy (Beast) from the Sentinels.


For more information, see: X-Men: Future Generation/Characters Description

Main characters

  • Rachel Summers: daughter of Cyclops (Scott Summers) and Phoenix (Jean Grey). She inherited her mother's powerful psionic powers. She's also the leader of this new X-Men team.
  • Olivier LeBeau: son of Rogue and Gambit. He inherited the powers from both of his parents. He always wanted to be the leader of the X-Men, making him have a frenemy relationship with Rachel.
  • Talia Wagner: daughter of Nightcrawler. She looks like the female version of her father Nightcrawler, she also inherited his teleportation powers.
  • Kymera Munroe: daughter of Storm and Black Panther. She only inherited her mother's appearance, not her powers. However, she possesses the ability to create, control, manipulate or animate plant life. She also have a low level of electrokinesis, which she's still trying to develop it to a higher level.
  • Carmen Drake: son of Iceman and Shadowcat. He took after his parents a lot, especially his father. He have both ice and phasing powers from his parents.
  • Warren Worthington IV: son of Angel and also the youngest member of the team. He was born with a pair of white wings like his father.
  • Logan (Wolverine): protector and trainer of the young X-Men.
  • Ororo Munroe (Strom): protector and trainer of the young X-Men.
  • Hank McCoy (Beast): along with Wolverine and Storm, he protects and train the young X-Men.

Recurring character

  • Franklin Richards: the mutant son of Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman.
  • Scott Summers(Cyclops): Rachel's father and ex-leader of the X-Men. Everyone thought he was dead when Rachel was 5 along with Jean, but he was just captured and experimented.
  • Nathan Summers(Cable): Scott and Madelyne Pryor's (Jean's clone) son and Rachel's half-brother. He was planned to be the mutant "hound". He also have powerful psychic powers like Rachel, but Beast said that Nathan is more powerful.