The Four Powers is the series premier on Descendants: Never Ending Stories.

Script Edit

(Zooming into a big book, on its cover saying Descendants)

Lily (voice-over, narrating): Years ago...I won't tell you how long because that would be a spoiler... (clears throat) So years ago, there was once a prince of the name Benjamin Florian of House de Beaumont.

(The pages magically flips. A picture of a young prince Ben is shown)

Lily (continues): He was soon to be crowned King, and for his first proclamation, he decided to choose 4 kids from the Isle of the Lost to go to Auradon and live an Auradonian life...

(The page flips. A picture of young Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay is shown)

Lily (continues): And my mother.

(a red hand-drawn circle appears around Mal)

Lily (continues): Her friends are like aunt and uncles to me.

(hand-drawn arrows point at Evie, Jay and Carlos)

Lily (continues): But let's not talk about them right now. Everyone knows their story, so I've decided to write mine, and hopefully it gets famous. You know, an autobiography...or basically...everything that you're about to see...

(The book closes, showing the same cover, but under "Descendants", a hand-written "Never Ending Stories appears)



Lily: (lies on her bed, staring at the ceiling. Her hands playing with a rubik cube)

(knocks on the door)

Lily: Come in

Ben: (opens the door) Hey! How's my princess doing?

Lily: (sits up) Dad, is it weird when you are calling me princess while I'm actually a princess?

Ben: (scratch the back of his head) Um... No?

Lily: It's like wondering...Why don't you call Leo or Adam or Alex 'princes'? Isn't that a bit unfair

Ben: (goes to Lily's bed and sits. He pulls her hair behind her ears) I don't know...But calling you 'my princess' automatically makes you cuter.

Lily: (raise one eyebrow) Your Majesty, you want something from me...

Ben: I need you to pack your belongings right now so you can get ready for...

Lily: (unhappily) School tomorrow. Oh, joy.

Ben: Lils, Auradon Prep isn't bad.

Lily: The fact that I have to move from my awesome room is bad! Besides, the campus is right down stairs! Why do I need to move into a less comfortable room and share it with somebody else? I mean, what if she snores? What if she talks during sleep? What if she doesn't sleep at all? What if she's actually plotting a plan to send me to a hellish dimension where all food is tasteless?

Ben: Lils, I assure you that everything's gonna be fine. (strokes her cheeks)

Lily: (raises both eyebrows, staring at Ben) You sure?

Ben: Yeah (nods) But is there anything that's bothering you? A fear, maybe?

Lily: Dad, it's just that...I've never spent time with a girl of my age, and just knowing that tomorrow, a girl will be living with me kinda...freaks me out.

Ben: (sighs) How about giving it a shot? Isn't that what you seek? A new adventure everyday?

Lily: (shrugs) Well, yeah, but above all, what I'm looking for is someone who understands me

Ben: Lily, honey. (places his arm around her and pats her shoulders) You gonna make them understand you (kisses her forehead and stands up) Start packing. Mom will be here soon. (walks to the door and slowly closes it) I love you.

Lily: Love you, too, dad. (stands up and heads to her closet. Looking at the mess, she sighs) Well, here goes nothing. (she heads to her computer and plays a song. She heads back to her closet and begin to sort some tops. She then ended up dancing and singing instead of organizing)

(The music suddenly stops)

Lily: Hey! (turns and looks at her mother, who paused the music)

Mal: (put her hands on her hips) Lily, focus.

Lily: I was! Until you came and destroyed the spirit!

Mal: Lily, is there something you're supposed to do?

Lily: (shrugs)

Mal: Lily, you need to start packing!

Lily: (groans) But I was doing just fine until you turned off the music!

Mal: (sighs and approaches to Lily. She strokes Lily's hair) Honey, I know how hard it is to you, and you're trying your best. Maybe I can't fully understand what you're going through, but you must know that I'm also doing my best to help you out. Can you please do that for me?

Lily: (rolls eyes) Fine (points at the closet) Help. Please?

Mal: (smiles) Just one hand.



(students say goodbye to their parents, some catch up with their friends)


(Lily stares down at the school's yard. Her arms crossed)

Ben: How's my princess doing? (approaches to Lily) Ready for school?

Lily: (shrugs) Nope

Ben: You know, you should be finding your dorm.

Lily: I am in my dorm.

Ben: Lily, you can do this. All your brothers have done this and everything's alright.

Lily: Yeah, like they have so much trouble as I do.

Ben: We all have problems, and the best way to get out of it is facing it.

Lily: Not my type of solution. If I see a problem, I run and I return when it goes away.

Ben: (furrows) That's not the point...

Lily: (walks off her room)

Ben: Where you going?

Lily: (voice over) Getting away from the problem!

Ben: What problem?

Lily: You!


Lily: (walking) 106...107...108. Bingo! (introduces the key into the lock and turns it)

(the door opens)

Lily: (walking in the room. Her jaws drop) This is pathetic (walks around) There's too much...

Zoey: Pink?

Lily: (turns and looks at a girl with curly brown pixie style hair, wearing glasses) And you are...?

Zoey: (surprised) Oh, my Lord. I'm so sorry (quickly does a curtsy) Your Highness.

Lily: (shakes head) Oh, no. It's not necessary. There's no need for reverence.

Zoey: (looks up) You sure, Your Highness?

Lily: (shrugs) Yeah. Just call me Lily. All I need is to feel like any other kid here.

Zoey: (stands up) Well, mostly other kids here are of Royal status, or at least aristocrats, or have really famous parents. I'm neither of those

Lily: (grins) You aren't? (lightly shakes her head and stops grinning, looking seriously at Zoey) I mean, why?

Zoey: My dad's gonna be a teacher here. Fairy Godmother granted me a place in the school, but sharing room with the Princess herself isn't exactly what I've expected.

Lily: Don't worry (sits down on the closest bed) Just feel free around me, and everybody else. Make yourself at home.

Zoey: (smiles) Really?

Lily: (nods) Yeah

Zoey: I'm Zoey Lancaster, by the way (reaches out her hand, but hesitantly take it back. She mumbles) I'm so sorry.

Lily: (quickly grab Zoey's hand and shakes it) Lily-Rose de Beaumont. Nice to meet you.

(Lily and Zoey giggles)

(the bell rings)

Fairy Godmother: (voice through the transmitters) Attention students! Please assemble in the school's auditorium. It is important that everyone attends!

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