Skye Morrison
General Information
Full name Skye Morrison
Nicknames Blue Skye (by Max)
Gender Female
Age 16
Resides in Teen Agents secret base
Occupation Agent, Student
Physical Appearance
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown (original-Season 1 and Season 3)
Dark Blonde (dyed-Season 2)
Personal Information
Family Howard Morrison (father, deceased)
Anna Jones (mother)
Martin Jones (step-father)
Relationships Jake Kingsley (crush)
Max (ex-boyfriend)
School Redwood High School
Affiliations Teen Agents

 Skye Morrison is an agent and computer expert of the organization Teen Agents. She's ones of the best agents that Teen Agents have. She's Leo and Emma's best friend and she's in love with her partner Jake Kingsley.


Early Life

Skye was the daughter of Howard Morrison, one of the greatest agents and his wife Anna. Every night, Skye listened carefully to her father's adventures as an agent, this made Skye had the desire to become an agent and do something good for the society, just like her father. To fulfill her wish, Howard put Skye in gymnastics classes, he told her that if she wants to be a good agent, she must be good with acrobats.

She lived her life happily until 8 years old, when her father was declared to be killed in action, this left Skye very broken. Months later, her mother married another man, Martin Jones. Skye didn't like Martin very much, and to make things up, Martin bought her a hound dog which she named Knight.


  • Expert Hacker: Skye can hack into any system, break firewalls, steal information and set traps all through computers
  • Expert Martial Artist: Also part of the Teen Agents training, Skye is skilled in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Acrobat: Skye hinted that during her childhood, she practiced gymnastics. She has applied some of her skills while she fight hand-to-hand combats.
  • Expert Thief: After months with a group of young criminals, Skye was taught how to steal and even break into facilities.


  • She's based on both Skye and Melinda May from Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Months before the series begin, Skye secretly dated Max for a time, one of the members of the young criminal group that she have been working for. This eventually made her go down from level 4 to level 1.
  • She didn't revealed her past to her friends, not even to Leo and Emma, who are her best friends. The only persons that knows about her past is Claire and Smith.
  • In season 2, Skye dyed her hair into dark blonde for an undercover mission, but since she liked the new look, she stayed with it.
  • She sees Claire like an older sister and Smith like a father.
  • She, Claire and Smith are the only ones that resides in the secret base.
  • Claire wants that Skye attends college.
  • Skye appears as a main character in the spin-off series Back in the Field. By the end, it's revealed that Skye also left Teen Agents to attend college.