Simon Lockwood
General Information
Full name Simon Lockwood
Nicknames Si (by Camina-Rose)
Gender Male
Age 14
Occupation Student
Physical Appearance
Eye color brown
Hair color brown
Personal Information
Friends Vaughn Marsh
Lucas Rockson
Alia Rockson
Camina-Rose Graythorpe (frenemy)
Maybel Arina
School Blake Holesly High
Affiliations Science Club
Simon Lockwood is one of the main protagonists in Lost Generation. He is very self-centered and is usually playing a guitar or singing.

Personality Edit

Like Camina-Rose, Simon is very self-centered but he doesn't put is friends first. If he had to make the choice of his hair or his friends' lives, he'd choose his hair, which seems to annoy his friends a lot. Due to being alike, him and Camina-Rose are frenemies.

Relationships Edit


Trivia Edit

  • He can play guitar and sing.

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