Return to the Isle of the Lost is the special episode, set between season 3 and season 4 of Descendants: Never Ending Stories. It is one hour and half long the episode, usually divided into three parts.

Synopsis Edit

The Four least, three of them and Top Dog is back! The police force is clearly not happy about it, and neither as the government. Deciding to take another break, the group focus on their own summer plans, with Mercurius returning to Camelot with his mother, Louis planning to go to Arendelle to visit Dustin, Alex preparing to move to the college campus, but Lily decides to continue as Black Rose. Just right before everyone parts to their own way, something mysterious happened. Leo, Adam, Alex, Lily and Louis found themselves in the past, and nowhere other the Isle of the Lost!

Script Edit

(Zooming into a big book, on its cover saying Descendants: Never Ending stories. The magically opens and the pages flip, showing the picture of the Isle of the Lost)

Lily (voice-over, narrating) This is the Isle of the Lost, or, the home to all the villains and their children.

(The page flips. Showing a picture of young Mal)

Lily: (continues) Oh, yeah, and previously, for 16 years, the home of my mother.

(The page flips. Showing the picture of a destroyed Isle of the Lost)

Lily: (continues) But then this happened. The battle between good and bad, or, the battle between my grandmother Maleficent and my aunt Summer. And as you see, this is the result. The Isle of the Lost is abandoned and its inhabitants were moved to a city that was no different, the city of Sennesville.

(The page flips. Showing a picture of Sennesville)

Lily: (continues) It's a good place, actually, almost like Auradon. But I'd like to return to the point where this story will begin...

(The page flips back. Zooming into the picture of the Isle of the Lost)



Criminal #1: (runs) It's here!

Criminal #2: (runs) Hurry! (points at an abandoned house) Let's get in there!

(the criminals enters the abandoned house)

Black Rose: (jumps down and begins to search)

Criminal #2: (whispers) I think she is leaving...

Criminal #1: (whispers) You sure?

Alex: (appears behind them) Oh, yeah... (punches the thugs)

Criminal #1: (points gun at Alex and chuckles) Well, at least I'm sending one to hell.

Mercurius: (magically takes all the thugs' weapons) What's the hurry? We are still young!

Criminal #2: You little brats! (throws a punch at Alex)

Alex: (dodges and punches the thug's face) Correction, fast little brats.

Criminal #1: (throws a punch at Mercurius)

Mercurius: (dodges) Why so slow (punches the thug's face)

Black Rose: (comes in) Oh, great! I'm late for the party!

Mercurius: Don't you worry, Rosie, the party just started.

Black Rose: (joins the fight)


(the police arrive and see the pair of thugs tied and beaten up)

Officer Morrison: Looks like those vigilantes are back in business, sheriff (walks out of car)

Sheriff Holland: Yeah, I see (walks out of car and checks the criminals. Unties the rope of their mouth) Talk.

Criminal #1: (confusingly) What? What just happened?

Sheriff Holland: The vigilantes. Did they do this?

Criminal #1: I don't know! I swear! For a moment we were... Then a blackout! Then we're all tight up here! I swear I know nothing!

Officer Morrison: (gestures at the other thug) And you?

Criminal #2: What my partner here said! We promise that we were doing... whatever we did, then nothing else than what is happening right now!

Sheriff Holland: (to Officer Morrison) Okay, take them to the department. We'll talk there.

Officer Morrison: (puts the thugs into the car and closes the door)

Sheriff Holland: Man, I thought they were out for good last year.

Officer Morrison: Sir, with all respect. This might make me the worst police officer, but, aren't kind off glad that the number of criminals from now will decrease?

Sheriff Holland: I actually do, but I also must acknowledge that they are not the law... And whoever it's outside the law. it's our target.


Alex: Dude, it feels good to be back.

Lily: Agree right there. Man, it feels so good being back in business!

Louis: Hear hear! (brings up his can of soda) Because we are back!

Alex, Lily, Mercurius: Yeah!

(the four clashes their cans together and takes a sip)

Mercurius: Dude, I wish that Delfi was here. She's been a big part of the team, she deserves to be here.

Louis: Yeah (sighs) But life happens and she moved on. Guys, she also deserves to good life she's having right now. (brings up his can again) For Delfi

Alex, Lily, Mercurius: For Delfi.

(the four clashes their cans together and takes a sip)

(knocks on the door)

Alex: Come in!

Mal: (opens the door and walks in) Hey, guys.

Alex, Lily: Hey mom.

Louis: Hi auntie Mal.

Mercurius: (bows quickly) Your Majesty.

Mal: I see you are having fun. What are you guys doing, anyway?

Lily: Um... nothing much mom, just talking.

Mal: (nods) Sounds good. What are you talking about?

Lily: Mom!

Louis: It's okay, Lily. (looks at Mal) Aunt Mal, we're just talking about our summer plans.

Mal: (sits down next to Lily) Oh! Triple fun! What do you have in mind?

Lily: (rolls eyes and sighs heavily, mumbles) Mom, please stop.

Mal: But why, Lils? It's good to know what you kids are up to!

Lily: Mom, we're not kids anymore! We can take care of ourselves!

Mal: (pinches Lily's cheek) Aw, but you will always be my baby (messes with Lily's hair) Also, we all know that you can hardly take care of yourself.

Lily: (rolls eyes) Yeah, whatever...

Mal: So back to the point. What are you planning to do in summer?

Louis: Well, I'm planning to go to Arendelle for some time to visit my friend Dustin...

Mal: So exciting! Send my regards to them!

Louis: (nods awkwardly) Yeah...

Mal: (turns to Mercurius) How about you, Merl? Are you planning to do something?

Mercurius: Not much, your Grace. Maybe I'll be back to Camelot for some time.

Mal: Oh, how splendid! Say hi to your mom from my part.

Mercurius: Yeah, I will...

Mal: (turns to Alex) And you Alex?

Alex: (shrugs) Well, not much, mom. Whatever you and dad got in mind, actually.

Lily: Yeah, mom. That pretty much speaks for my part, too.

Mal: Ugh! I wish that we got enough time dearies. We got so much work right now, specially since supposedly those vigilantes are back again...

Mercurius: (chokes with the soda)

Mal: Merl, are you all right?

Mercurius: (coughs) Yeah!! (puts his thumb up as he keeps coughing) I'm okay (coughs) Just choking a bit (coughs) Please continue, your Grace.

Mal: Anyway, those vigilantes are back after a whole year absent. Can you believe it?

Lily: (grins widely) Um, no. What... (makes serious face) I mean, how terrible.

Louis: Yeah...but...what did they do?

Mal: Yesterday two criminals were found tied down. The police force is working on the case, and as told by the criminals, there memories were wiped out.

Alex: Wait, if the criminals' memories have been wiped out, then, how do we know for sure that they are the same vigilantes from a year ago?

Mal: Come on, Alex. People who fight at night and possess magical abilities? If that doesn't sound like the so called Four Powers, what else?

Alex: But mom, what if there are other people out there? I'm sure that there's ton of people capable of doing magic.

Mal: Yes, Alex, you got your point, but the kind of magic that they used was incredibly advanced. Messing with a human mind isn't a small thing that everybody is capable of.

Lily: Still, mom. Don't you think that the vigilantes are doing some good? They stopped multiple crimes! Saved lots of people! They should be heroes! Not being hunted!

Mal: (holds up her hands) Wait a minute, are you defending those vigilantes?


Alex: We just meant to be just. I just don't think it's fair that heroes like Mulan and Tarzan get honored while the Four Powers don't although there good deeds are the same?

Mal: (sighs and stands up) It's great that you want equality for everyone, Alex (kisses Alex's head) But you must know that these vigilantes are outside the law. No matter what they do, it's not authorized by the police force. Let's not talk about this right now. (pats of Lily's shoulder) I have to go. Have a good time!

Alex, Lily, Louis, Mercurius: Yeah...

Mal: (leaves the room and closes the door)

Louis: I don't get it. How come the world is against us?

Mercurius: Louis, the world is not against us. It's the government. Civilians want protection and we grant them that. They are happy and the government not because we took away their job.

Lily: (rubs her face) Ugh! I hate this! The police is seeing us like threat again? I thought after the huge crimes that happened while we were away would made them be glad that we're back! How I wish I was can be the Queen instead of Leo!

Alex: (looks at Lily) No, you don't. And please, don't.

Mercurius: Can we please all calm down? We're seriously in the Royal Castle, surrounded by guards that are part of the police force.

Lily: I know. Sorry.

Louis: (looks at his watch) Look, guys. I'm going now. (stands up) Let's talk this later, okay?

Mecurius: Yeah, man. I have to go, too (stands up)

Lily: Do we meet again?

Louis: Hope so (puts his bag on his shoulder) I'll notify if there's something.

Lily: Yeah, okay. (stands up)

Alex: (stands up) So maybe tonight (stretches out his hand)

Louis: (shakes Alex's hand) Yup. Maybe tonight.

Mercurius: Bye, guys. (waves and leaves)

Louis: See ya then! (leaves and closes the door)

Lily: So... anything to do meanwhile?

Alex: (shrugs) Wanna go out a while?

Lily: (smirks) Sure!


(Alex and Lily open the door and walk through the hallway. They see Leo and Adam walking by)

Lily: Leo? Adam?

(Leo and Adam turns)

Adam: Hey, Lils

Lily: (runs to them and hugs Leo, then Adam) Holy Guacamole! You guys are back! Why didn't you tell me?

Leo: We wanted to make a little surprise, kinda ruined it.

Lily: Aw, bummer!

Adam: 'Sup, Lex? (shakes hands with Alex) Ready to be a college guy?

Alex: Not much. I'm gonna miss all of these. Can't believe time has passed.

Lily: (punches Alex's arm) And I can't believe I'm alone by myself again.

Leo: It's just a year. You gonna survive.

Lily: I'm sure I can, it's just I don't have anyone else to blame.

Adam: The true reason why we can't wait to leave you behind (chuckles)

Lily: (punches Adam's arm) Hey! Watch your mouth or I swear I'll follow you and haunt you.

Adam: (throws his hands up) Alright, alright.

Ben: (walks closer with his arms open) Hey boys!

Leo, Adam, Alex: Hey dad!

Ben: (stops in front of Adam and Leo and hugs them) You arrived early. I thought you said afternoon.

Leo: Nah. We finished everything earlier so here we are.

Ben: I'm glad (nods) Well, if you excuse me, I gotta attend the Council right now. (looks at Leo) Leo, since you're already here, come with me.

Leo: Sure, dad. (looks at his siblings) Bye, guys. See you at lunch.

(Ben and Leo leave to the Council room)


(the guards open the door of Ben and Leo. All the Council members stand up and bow down)

Fairy Godmother: Welcome, King Benjamin. Welcome, Prince Leonard.

Ben: Fairy Godmother. It's good to see you again. Everyone, please take a seat.

(the Council members sit down)

Ben: My regards to everyone who's attending this meeting. As you know, this meeting has been convened to talk about the latest event that happened in the city of Auradon. (turns on the projector, showing the images of the two criminals) These two criminals under the names of Joseph Keen and Tyson Johan were found by the police force. They were found tied up in an alley of Tinker Town. The main suspect of these acts are the same vigilantes from a year ago. As for proof, the two criminals has been brainwashed, a spell that requires a lot of practice and power to get done.

Flora: Which I must also add, the source of magic was untraceable. Fauna, Merryweather and I have done our best, but nothing could be found.

Fauna: Yes, but we can conclude that the magic was ancient and pretty similar to the kind of magic that the great Merlin uses.

Doug: Wait...Ancient magic and Merlin? (looks at Ben) Your Majesty, doesn't it sound like a friend of Princess Lily, named Mercurius Thorne, who is grandson of the wizard Merlin? The boy could be behind the mask of one of the vigilantes.

(the council nods and agrees)

Ben: (looks at Leo) Leonard, what do you think?

Leo: Your Majesty, what sir Douglas said is just an speculation. However, I would like to manifest my own, if you mind.

Ben: No, I don't. Please, proceed.

Leo: All right. (stands up and connect his phone to the projector) On my way back home, I've done my own researches as well.

(the projector shows a picture of the Black Rose symbol)

Leo: Legend once told the story of Black Rose, a spirit of vengeance. It started in the Middle Ages, telling to tale of a young man who stood up for his people. He heard his people's cry and felt their hearts breaking, but he was powerless. It is said that in the highest mountain, where no light could reach, a lonely rose grew, but this isn't like any rose, it was a black rose. The rose had magical properties, but only when it blooms. To make the rose bloom, one must let the rose's thorn to touch their heart. The young man climbed to the mountain and did what he needed to, and that's how Black Rose, the warrior with thorns in his heart was born. As Black Rose died, he passed on his identity to another young man, and that's how the line goes, from man to man.

(the projector shows a blurry picture of Lily's Black Rose)

Leo: This was a brief picture caught by security cameras of Black Rose.

(the council mumbles)

Merryweather: Your Highness, is this picture true? As we can see, Black Rose is not a young man, but a young woman. Legend says Black Roses are men.

Leo: You are right. I'd like to believe that the newest Black Rose is a young woman.

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