In the family's common room

(Fran is using her phone, Manny and Mariana are playing chess, Christian is playing video game, Vanessa is playing with her dolls, and Peter is reading a book. Fernando and Alexandra walks in)

Fernando: Good morning, kids!

The kids: (without looking) Hey, dad.

Fernando: (to Alexandra) Are we that absent in their lives?

Alexandra: (caresses Fernando's arm) No, sweetheart. It's just they're in their own world

Fernando: (nods) Yup, totally absent. We are officially the most absent parents of the year

Fran: (still going through her phone) No worries, mom and dad. We are going to be fine, just like last week, (puts her phone down) and the month before, and each day of last year.

Christian: (pauses the video game and chuckles) Oh, yeah. Last year was sensational! I sent the babysitter flying with one of my rockets!

Alexandra: And that's why this year we've made sure the babysitter knows exactly what to avoid.

Manny: Who? Nobody knows us that well except for...

Teddy: (opens the door and jumps in. He raises his hands up and points at himself) Me!

The kids: (stops what they were doing and looks at Teddy) Uncle Teddy?

Fernando: Yes, children. Your uncle Teddy will be with you until we come back. You are in good hands and so is he. It's like a cycle of taking care of each other.

Teddy: (whispers to Fernando) Hey, I'm not that bad to be taken care by your kids.

Fernando: (pats Teddy's shoulder) Trust me. You do need their help sometimes, brother. (back to the kids) Well, kids. Your mother and I have to go now.

Alexandra: Be safe, okay? If something happens, you can always call us.

Fernando: Have a great time with your uncle children.

(Alexandra and Fernando says goodbye to their children and leave)

Fran: So, uncle Teddy, aren't you suppose to be in Washington? As in, the other side of the country?

Teddy: Well, I heard a distress call from two people who has ran out of babysitters for their 6 children.

Vanessa: But I thought you were going to the Moon?

Teddy: Um... The trip got cancelled. The captain got a bit sick.

Christian: But you said you are the captain.

Teddy: (grins) That's right! (fakes some coughs) And I am sick. That's why I'm here

Fran: To spread germs?

Teddy: No, to take care of my dearest nieces and nephews. That's right. I care about you.

Mariana: Do you even know my name?

Teddy: (points at Mariana) Yes. Your name is Miranda.

Mariana: No, it's not.

Teddy: (thinks for a moment) Merida?

Mariana: No!

Teddy: Morgan?

Mariana: (growls) It's Mariana!