Mercurius Thorne
General Information
Full name Mercury Thorne
Nicknames Merc
Quicksilver (by Sayuri)
Gender Male
Birthday June 6th
Age 15-16 (season 1)
16 (season 2)
17-18 (season 3)
Resides in Auradon Prep
Occupation Student
Thief (formerly)
Physical Appearance
Eye color Brown
Hair color Grey
Personal Information
Family Maya Thorne (biological mother)
Marcus Merlinson (biological father)
Merlin (biological grandfather)
Nyneve (biological grandmother)
Sayuri (sister figure)
Barrett family (former foster family)
Scott family (former foster family)
Relationships Lily de Beaumont (girlfriend - season 2)
Friends Sayuri
School Auradon Prep
Affiliations Sayuri
Children of War

Mercury Thorne is a descendant of the great wizard Merlin through his father, whose identity was unknown for the most part of Mercury's life. After running away from the foster care home, Mercury lived his life on the streets along with fellow runaway Sayuri.


Early Life

Mercury was born on June 6th, a child of Gloria Thorne, a mentally unstable woman, and Marcus Merlinson, who abandoned Gloria after spending the night with her. Due his mother's incapacity to take care of the child, Mercury was placed in the foster care system. Mercury spent the first five years of his life inside the residential care, each night praying for a good family to adopt him. Shortly after his fifth birthday, Mercury was assigned a foster family, the Barretts. At first, the Barretts were a promising family, giving the best care to Mercury. However, their 8-year-old son Carter disliked Mercury and often harassed the younger boy, beating him and taunting him, threatening to send Mercury back to the residential care (calling it "orphanage") if he tells their parents. Mercury remained silence, but the truth didn't remain undiscovered for a long time. After six months living with the Barretts, Mercury was sent back to the residential care as they believed it was best for him.

Not long after, Mercury went to live with the Scott family for nearly four years. Mercury liked them, and they also grew very close to Mercury, even considering to adopt him. Mercury established a special bond with their daughter, Billie, who was two years younger than him. The two were inseparable, Billie followed anywhere that Mercury went. One day, when their parents were out, Mercury was left in charge of Billie. Even though he had been told to stay inside, the young boy went to play in the woods for a little while, with Billie following him. The two played hide and seek, but when it was Billie's turn to seek, the little girl got lost while looking for Mercury, who was hidden under a fallen tree. Billie went too far looking for Mercury until she got lost. It started to rain, but Billie was still missing. Mercury didn't return home, instead he continued searching until midnight, when the police finally found him, but they couldn't find Billie.