Maybel Arina
General Information
Full name Maybel Arina
Nicknames Maybe (by Alia and Camina-Rose)
Gender Female
Age 14
Occupation Student
Physical Appearance
Eye color Dark Brown/Red
Hair color Golden Brown
Personal Information
Friends Alia Rockson (best friend)
Camina-Rose Graythorpe (best friend)
Simon Lockwood
Vaughn Marsh
Lucas Rockson
School Blake Holesly High
Affiliations Science Club

Maybel Arina is one of the main protagonists in Lost Generation. She has a photographic memory therefore is the smartest out of all six protagonists.


Maybel is very pushy. She is a perfectionist and wants everything to be right. She has a photographic memory, which she uses as an excuse to say she's always right. She has a tendency to fight with Alia or Camina-Rose but they will always be best friends.




  • She has a photographic memory.
  • She usually gets A+s in her work.
  • She is very modest.
  • She usually tells Camina-Rose and Alia to be quiet.
  • She was born at 00:10.
    • Making her the third oldest in her friends and fourth oldest main character.