General Information
Full name Madison Oaks
Nicknames Maddie (by everyone)
Mads (by everyone)
Mad (by Kylie)
Gender Female
Age 13
Resides in Chicago, USA
Occupation Student
Physical Appearance
Eye color Hazel
Hair color Brown
Personal Information
Family Angie (mother)
Cory (father)
Joey (brother)
Relationships Daniel (crush)
Friends Bethany (best friend)
Daniel (good friend, crush)
School Walnut Hills Junior High

Madison is the main protagonist in The Perfect World. She's brightful and funny, and she does anything to protect her friends.


Madison is nice, brightful and funny. She's a very good friend, especially to Bethany, who's her best friend. She's a bit of a dreamer, and along with Bethany, she tries to create a perfect world. She's usually nice to everyone, except for Kylie, who she dislikes, because they both have a crush on Daniel.


  • She's 13.
  • Her full name is Madison Oaks.
  • She prefers to be called Maddie or Mads.
  • Her brother's name is Joey.
  • Her best friend is Bethany.
  • Her main enemy is Kylie.
  • She loves to play basketball.
  • She has a girly style, and she prefers to wear pastel colours and jeans.
  • Her biggest dream is to become a reseacher.
  • She tries to create the perfect world.
  • She likes school, but she hates chemistry.