A Sudden Change of DiapersAlia RocksonBethany
Blue Skye, Grey SkyeBoys will be BoysCamila Sanders
Camina-Rose GraythorpeChic vs GeekCity Girls
Descendants: The Kingdom is OursDimensionsEmilia Ommabop
Emily; The Snow QueenEmma HunterField Day Events
How It All BeginsHunters of OrionInhumanity
Jake KingsleyLeoLeo Carter
LightsLily de BeaumontLost Generation
Lucas RocksonMadisonMadison-Olivia
Maybel ArinaMeet The WorldMercurius Thorne
Mission DetentionMystery HighNew Mutants
Nothing Good Happens in High SchoolOld FriendParallel Characters
Peter Frye and FamilyPeter Frye and the New BabysitterPilot
Professor ZacharyRachel's New WorldReturn to the Isle of the Lost
Rookie's First MissionSimon LockwoodSkye Morrison
Teen AgentsThe Four PowersThe Perfect World
The Phoenix Saga (Part 1)The Phoenix Saga (Part 2)Vaughn Marsh
Welcome to FairylandX-Girls Day OutX-Men: Future Generation
X-Men: Future Generation/Characters DescriptionYour Own Series Wiki
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File:Elsa Snowflake.jpgFile:Emily; The Snow Queen Logo.jpegFile:Emily The Snow Queen Updated Logo.png
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File:Kymera (Earth-TRN311) from X-Men Vol 4 14 0001.pngFile:Lost Generation.jpgFile:Olivier LeBeau (Earth-41001).png
File:The Perfect World.jpgFile:Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 468 Textless.jpgFile:Warren Worthington IV 0001.jpg

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