Lily de Beaumont
General Information
Full name Lily Rose de Beaumont
Nicknames Black Rose (alter ego)
Lils (by everyone)
Gender Female
Birthday October 4th
Age 15 (season 1)
16 (season 2)
17 (season 3)
18 (season 4)
Resides in Castle de Beaumont
Auradon Prep
Occupation Student
Physical Appearance
Eye color Green
Hair color Purple (dyed)
Blonde (natural)
Personal Information
Family King Benjamin (father)
Queen Mal (mother)
Leo de Beaumont (brother)
Adam de Beaumont II (brother)
Alex McKinsey (adoptive brother/cousin)
King Adam I (paternal grandfather)
Queen Belle (paternal grandmother)
Percival Springfield (maternal grandfather)
Maleficent (maternal grandmother)
Summer Springfield (maternal aunt)
Relationships Jim Davis (boyfriend - season 1)

Mercurius Thorne (boyfriend - season 2 & 4)
Paul Suarez (boyfriend - season 3)

Friends Zoey Lancaster (best friend)
Alex McKinsey (best friend)
Delfi Marino
Mercurius Thorne
School Auradon Prep
Affiliations The Four Powers
Lily Rose de Beaumont is the youngest daughter of King Benjamin and Queen Mal, Princess of Auradon.

Personality Edit

Due to her ADHD condition, Lily gets distracted easily and tends to forget things. Most of the plans she start are usually left in the middle without any continuation. She can't hold grudges for a long time, but it doesn't mean she can't pull off an act of revenge.

Lily has poor social skills, the reason why she only stays in a small group of friends, who are mostly related to her. She tends to speak her mind and act thoughtlessly, unaware of how it would affect others.

Lily is shown to be very inquisitive, always looking for answers, one of the few tasks that she can fully complete. Thanks to the vast knowledge, Lily is extremely smart, despite very few people appreciate it.

Lily is revealed to be a great musician, playing drums and sometimes sing in the rock band created between her friends Zoey Lancaster and Stevie Cassidy.

Out of all virtues, Lily values most loyalty. No matter what happens, she will always put her loved ones first. Although, this specific trait has led to many negative results, like the one time where she choose Mercurius instead of the good of 100 people.

Physical Appearance Edit

Lily was born with blonde hair and it stayed that way until the incident when she was 14, which dyed her hair purple. As time passed, the paint wore off. By the end of season 2, Lily's hair returned to blonde, but still with some purple highlights. In season 3, Lily left her hair in its natural blonde color. At the end of season 3, after the break up with Paul, Lily decided to return to her old self, dying her hair purple. She stayed with the same hair until the end of the series.

Lily's outfit mostly consist of dark colors, usually black and burgundy. In response to her constant movement, Lily wears a lot of leggings and jeans, accompanied with simple tops of the same color pattern. When cold, Lily wears a black leather jacket. As for footwear, Lily loves boots and sneakers. Lily's outfit remained under minimum changes through out the seasons 1,2 and 4. In season 3, Lily had a drastic change of look, influenced by Paul Suarez. She wore more colorful and feminine clothes, using more skirts and dresses rather than pants.

Lily's relatively small, although a bit taller than her mother. She isn't exactly skinny, but possesses an athletic build, achieved through daily activities that she constantly does like running, jumping and climbing.

Relationships Edit

Familial Edit

  • King Benjamin: Lily is Ben and Mal's youngest and only daughter.
  • Queen Mal: Lily is Mal and Ben's youngest and only daughter.
  • Leo de Beaumont: Lily's eldest brother.
  • Adam de Beaumont II: Lily's older brother.
  • Alex McKinsey: Lily's adoptive brother. He's the son of Mal's late sister Summer, making him Lily's cousin at the same time. He's only a year older than Lily, establishing an inseparable relationship between them. By the end of season 1, they learned that their strong bond is also due the fact they are part of the Four Powers, with Lily being Fire and Alex being Earth.

Romantic Edit

  • Jim Davis: Jim was Lily's first boyfriend and the first boy that she has ever kissed. Jim's true intention was to trick Lily into spending money for him, believing that she wouldn't suspect because she's inattentive. It succeeded at first, but Lily soon realized what he was doing, and quickly start a plan to teach Jim a lesson. Lily began to avoid him, until finally reaching break-up. At the end, Lily steals all his money and spend it buying gifts to her loved ones, and the rest, toys for orphan kids.
  • Mercurius Thorne: Lily and Mercurius started like frenemies, often discussing and disagreeing with each other, and the relationship doesn't change until end of season 1, as they began to accept each other. Starting season 2, Mercurius found himself having feelings for Lily, as the same thing happens to her, but neither of them wanted to admit it. Lily then accidentally revealed her feelings for Mercurius, which he also unknowingly listened it. The two began to date, but soon found their relationship being too unstable and broke up as season 2 ends. In season 3, as Lily began her relationship with Paul, Mercurius was subconsciously jealous of their perfect relationship. He even made a fool himself just to get Lily's attention back, but it didn't work simply because Lily wasn't even watching. Finally, he gets a chance to be near Lily as they were assigned to take care of a robotic baby together. Lily avoids Mercurius and does her best to do her part of the assignment without engaging with Mercurius. Lily fails her promise as she ended up kissing Mercurius after an argument they had. Unfortunately, they were caught by Paul, who later told her that his exchange program is ending, leading to their break up. Lily and Mercurius returns as a couple in season 4, finally learning their true love for each other.
  • Paul Suarez: Lily immediately developed a crush on Paul the first moment that she saw him. Paul, in contrast of Mercurius, is calm and quiet. Because how different he is, Lily's attraction towards him grows more, eventually she asked him out. Lily soon found herself changing due his influence on her, making her a more thoughtful and calm person. Paul told her that he likes the new Lily, something that made Mercurius very upset.

Friendship Edit

  • Zoey Lancaster: Zoey is Lily's first female friend and roommate. The two got along quickly and found out that they got a lot in common. Together, along with Stevie Cassidy, they started a rock band.
  • Stevie Cassidy: Lily and Zoey met Stevie when they saw her performing on the talent show. The three quickly bonded and started a band together.

Trivia Edit

  • Lily is based on Francesca14601 herself, who also suffers ADHD.
  • Her last name is a reference to the author of Beauty and the Beast, Jeanne-Marie LePrince de Beaumont.
  • Lily is the last member of the Four Powers to discover her powers.

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