Lights is the thirty-two episode of X-Men: Future Generation

The future


Hope: Get ready guys! We're going back to that time when you haven't existed.

Idie: Hope, are you sure about this?

Hope: Totally! There are a few people that need us.

Laurie: And if it doesn't work?

Hope: Relax. Everyone knows that we love them. Now to that time that we haven't existed!

(The time machine activated, sending them back to the past)

Hope: Now welcome to that time that we haven't existed.! Hope you survive the experience, if not, people already know we love them.

Gabriel: Wow! I mean, wow! The past seems so...past. If I could, I'd speed it up.

Hope: Ok, our target is that weird thing that we have previously seen. It location is about 15 minutes from here, so the plan is Laurie will take Idie and Gabriel will take Kenji, and I'll mimick Laurie's power and take Teon with me. Now let go!

(Inside the school)

Emma: Scott! Take Storm and Wolverine and some of our best students. We got a mission. I'll go for the Blackbird.

Scott: Logan! Bring 10 best students with you. We got a mission.

(the Blackbird flies)

Scott: What is it Emma?

Emma: Time-travelers from the future. They came here for something.

Logan: So we gonna help them or kill them?

Emma: Depends. I can't reach any of their mind anymore.

(In an abandoned place)

Laurie: Any idea of how we will find it?

Hope: Nope. Just keep looking for it.

Laurie: If not?

Hope: You're asking more than doing. You and Gabriel are fast, take a quick look around.

(Laurie flies and Gabriel runs)

Hope: Anything yet Kenji?

Kenji: No, nothing. I can't feel any signal.

Teon: Eat!

Hope: We will eat later Teon. We are on a mission, then we'll go for a hot-dog if you want.

Idie: Um...Hope. Is it a good signal that the past X-Men has arrived?

Hope: It's good when they got a telepath. Hold on! I'm gonna shield your minds. (telepathically calls Laurie and Gabriel) Laurie! Gabriel! Come back quickly!

(In the other side)

Scott: Anything?

Emma: So weird. It's like that got a telepath too. Their minds are shielded.

Logan: I can smell them, and one of them stinks...