Jake Kingsley
General Information
Full name Jacob Kingsley
Nicknames Jake (by everyone)
Jakie (by Evelyn and Cooper)
Gender Male
Age 16
Occupation Agent, Student
Physical Appearance
Eye color Blue
Hair color Dirty Blond
Personal Information
Family Cooper Kingsley (adopted brother)
Sabrina Kingsley (mother)
John Kingsley (father)
Relationships Skye Morrison (ex-girlfriend)
Evelyn (ex-girlfriend)
Liz (girlfriend)
Friends Skye Morrison
Andrew Dolohov
Camila Sanders
Leo Carter
Emma Simmons
School Redwood High School
Affiliations Teen Agents

Jacob "Jake" Kingsley is a character from the TV series Teen Agents. He's the leader of the team 146, conformed by his best friends Skye Morrison, Andrew Dolohov, Camila Torres, Leo Carter and Emma Simmons.


Like he has showed in several episode, Jake has a great ability to be a leader. He's very friendly and compassionate.


  • He has an adopted brother named Cooper, who is also an agent.
  • He's currently level 8.
  • One of his favorite senior agents is Claire Gordon.
  • He appears in the spin-off Back in the Field as a recurring character. It's revealed that he left USA and works in England. He also broke up with Skye and he's currently dating a British girl named Liz.