Field Day Events is the twenty-night episode of X-Men: Future Generation.


Inside the Danger Room

Storm: We, the professors have decided to reorganize the Institute's educational and training program. To this end, the students will be divided into 5 training squads of 4 or 5 members under the supervision of a professor. The students will make their uniforms and get a codename. The Hellions will be supervised by Emma Frost. The Corsairs, Cyclops. The Exemplars, Beast. The Advocates, Wolverine and the Paladins, me. Each professor will announce who belongs to their squad.

Emma: The Hellions will consist of Quentin Quire, Julian Keller, Santo Vaccarro and Sooraya Qadir.

Cyclops: The Corsairs are the Cuckoos, Ben Hamill and Roxy Washington.

Beast: The Exemplars are Talia Wagner, Cessily Kincaid, Robert Herman, Victor Borkowski and Joshua Foley.

Logan: Olivier LeBeau, Hisako Ichiki, Laura Kinney, Nicholas Gleason and Kymera Munroe.

Storm: Paladins: Warren Worthington IV, Megan Gwynn, Nathan Summers, Carmen Drake and Ruth Aldine.

(At the Hellions main room)

Emma: Alright! To start, everyone must pick a codename.

Quentin: I chose Kid Omega.

Julian Keller: I could be Hellion, like the squad's name.

Santo: I...

Quentin: Come on, Santo, you're Rockslide.

Santo: Yeah! Rockslide!

Sooraya: I'll pick Dust.

(At the Corsairs main room)

Roxy: I'm want to be called Bling!, with an exclamation.

Ben Hamill: I've thinking for while, I'll take the codename Match.

Celeste: Mindee, Phoebe and I are already Three-In-One.

Cyclops: Great! I guess now we got to move on to the uniform part.

(At the Exemplars main room)