Emilia Ommabop
General Information
Full name Emilia Ommabop
Nicknames Emily (by Madison-Olivia)
Gender Female
Age 15
Occupation Student
Physical Appearance
Eye color Brown (with bits of blue)
Hair color gingery red
Personal Information
Friends Madison-Olivia (best friend)
Camina-Rose Graythorpe (formerly)
School Blake Holsey High
Affiliations Cheerleading Squad

Emilia Ommabop is a main character in Lost Generation. It is unknown if she's an antagonist or a protagonist.


Emilia is the mean girl at Blake Holsey High. She cares about nothing and no one, except her reputation. But is that the full story?



Not much is currently known about their relationship but it seems Leo is somewhat controlling over Emilia.


Unlike the stereotypical best friends of popular girls, Madison-Olivia, dubbed "Maddie-Livia" by Emilia, is extremely smart and knows Emilia is up to something behind her back.


  • She is a cheerleader.
  • She is the oldest out of the main characters.
  • Out of the parallel characters, she is closest to Camina-Rose.
  • It is possible she laughs at people if they get bad grades, showing she may be smarter than she seems.
    • She is also nicer than she seems as she is nice to the parallel characters, but this may just be an act.
  • It is possible her boyfriend, Leo, is controlling over her.
  • She knows everything about the parallel universe, even how to get in and out of it.
  • She may have some Uzbek decent because her last name is Uzbek for popular.