Descendants: Never Ending Stories
Genre Fantasy
Created by Francesca14601
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 60
Descendants: The Kingdom is Ours is a spin-off series from the 2015 Disney Channel Original Movie, Descendants.

The series take place in the future, telling the story of the descendants and the Descendants


25 years later, Ben and Mal found themselves being parents to 2 boys (Leo and Adam) and a girl (Lily). They were a big happy family, but everything changed when they found the eldest daughter to be alive, and with a kid on her own...

Characters & Cast

The Royal Family

  • King Benjamin: King of Auradon, husband to Queen Mal and father to Nora, Leo, Adam and Lily.
  • Queen Mal: Queen of Auradon, wife to King Benjamin and mother to Nora, Leo, Adam and Lily.
  • Leopold "Leo": Oldest son of the Royal family, younger twin brother to Nora and older brother to Adam and Lily.
  • Adam II: Youngest son of the Royal family, younger brother to Leo and Nora, older brother to Lily.
  • Lily-Rose: Youngest daughter of the Royal family, younger sister to Leo, Nora and Adam.
  • Nora: Oldest daughter of the Royal family, eldest of the Royal siblings and mother to Blake. Her birth name is Alexandria.
  • Blake Lancaster: Daughter to Nora

Friends and Others

  • Mercury Thorne: Grandson of the great wizard Merlin. Originally attended Camelot High but he transferred to Auradon Prep.
  • Chase de Vil: Oldest son of Carlos and Jane de Vil and older brother to Julian.
  • Jewel: Daughter of Jay.
  • Daniel "Danny": Son of Doug and Evie, older brother to Eleanor.
  • Julian de Vil: Youngest son of Carlos and Jane de Vil.
  • Emilia "Em": Youngest daughter of Doug and Evie.

Episode List

Season 1