Charcoal from Ashes
Genre Action
Created by Francesca14601
Charcoal from Ashes is a spin-off series taking place inside the Descendants universe, following the events of both Descendants and its sequel, Descendants 2.

The series was created by Francesca14601 and based on the book series of the same name, also by same author.


After the events of Descendants 2, the young King Ben signed the Isle Treaty and re-established the communication between Auradon and the Isle of the Lost. More supplies and help are sent to the Isle, and the young generation get the chance to go to Auradon, but of course, under a few requirements: each month, only 8 kids out of a long list get selected. A harsh way, but also what's needed to ensure the safety of the citizens of Auradon.

This time, among the lucky ones, there's Zoe Moreno, a warrior at heart whose only goal is to protect her younger sister; Penny Moreno, young but with a greater mind than any; Jack of Hearts, who carries upon his shoulders a life full of fear and resentment; Frank Facilier, the tricky younger brother of Freddie; and Bobbie Fitzroy, who mysteriously declares herself to share the same blood as the Royal Family.

Meanwhile, on the Isle of the Lost, things get rougher and stronger every day, but if only those silly Auradonians know what's right under their noses...

Cast and Characters

Main characters

  • Willa Holland as Zoe Moreno: A warrior at heart, she grew up in a world where violence was as necessary as survival. Underneath her tough and stalwart appearance hides a humble soul that would do anything to guarantee a safe path for her younger sister Penny.
  • Aubrey Anderson-Emmons as Penny Moreno: Even at a young age, Penny has proven that her mind is greater than any. Aside from her compassionate and gentle nature, Penny knows clearly who deserves her trust and who doesn't.
  • Bobby Lockwood as Jack of Hearts: Despite being born as a Prince, Jack carries upon his shoulders a life full of dread and resentment towards nobody else than his own mother, the Queen of Hearts, and his brother Roy. He sees the Isle Treaty as his way out of misery, but things turn upside down when he learns that his sister Queenie wasn't chosen.
  • Amir Mitchell-Townes as Frank Facilier: They say that magic runs in the family, and they are not wrong. Frank Facilier is the tricky younger brother of Freddie, both children of the Shadow Man, the infamous Dr. Facilier. With a laid-back and easy-going attitude, Frank is always open to new challenges.
  • Sophia Lillis as Bobbie Fitzroy: Energetic and happy-go-lucky, Bobbie can rarely be found sitting still in one place. She mysteriously declares herself to share the same blood as the Royal Family, and yet, the truth about her past still remains a riddle.

Recurring characters

  • Virginia Gardner as Lucille Lumiere:
  • Blake Michael as Maddox Hatter:
  • Alycia Debnam-Carey as Harriet Hook: