Camila Sanders
General Information
Full name Camila Veronica Sanders
Nicknames Cami, Rookie
Gender Female
Age 16
Occupation Student, Agent, Janitor (former)
Physical Appearance
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Personal Information
Family Mr. Sanders (father)
Natalia Sanders (mother)
School Redwood High School
Affiliations Teen Agents

Camila Sanders is the newest member of the organization Teen Agents.


  • Her father is American and her mother is Spanish.
  • She was obsessed with spies and secret agents.
  • Camila only appeared as a recurring character in season 2 due the fact that she moved to Oklahoma because her father had a job their. In season 3, Camila and her family returned to North Dakota and Camila continued to be a regular character.
  • She's a good dancer.