Blue Skye, Grey Skye
Writer(s) Francesca140602
Blue Skye, Grey Skye is the sixth episode of Teen Agents.



Skye: (searching the rest of the house and speaks through the communicator) Everything's clear. I'm gonna get back there.

Leo: Okay. Well done Skye.

Skye: Thanks (hears someone walking into a room and whispers) Hold on. There might be someone here. I'll go search.

Leo: Call back up anytime you need

Skye: I think I can handle this (loads the paralyze gun, walks into that same room and search it) I know you are here. Come out right now before things get worse.

Criminal: (stuns Skye)

Skye: (falls to the ground and grunts)

Criminal: (runs out of the room and jumps out of the window by the end of the corridor)

Leo: (through the communicator) Skye, you okay?

Skye: (stands up) He stunned me...

Leo: Do you need any medical attention? (waits for a moment) Skye? Do you copy?

(the window's glass breaks)

Skye: (falls out from the window) I'm fine. (continues chasing after the criminal)


Criminal: (tries to climb the wall)

Skye: Hey! (shoots the criminal in the leg)

Criminal: (falls and grunts)

Skye: (runs to the criminal and crouches in near to him) Now let's see who's behind this...(takes the mask out) Max?!

Max: Oh, hey Blue Skye.


Skye: Max?! I thought you were in the juvie?

Max: What? (sits up) I've broken into highly secured facilities. Escaping out of a juvie wasn't that hard. Also, what kind of bullet was that? I'm paralyzed, but I am not bleeding.

Skye: For some reason it's called to paralyze gun. And Max, you shouldn't...

Max: (tries to kiss her)

Skye: (pushes him away) What are you doing?

Max: The true reason that separated us was because they put in that stupid juvie, but now that I'm free, I think I could have some fun with my Blue Skye.

Skye: No Max. (put handcuffs on Max) We are separated because I wanted to. (stands up and pulls Max up) And don't worry, the paralyzing effect only last one hour, after that, you will fall asleep.

Max: And when I wake up, will you be there next to me?

Skye: Let's not hope so. (takes him in the van)


Skye: (watches as other agents take Max in a cell)

Camila: (comes in) Who is he? You guys seems to know each other before.

Skye: We did, and the aftermath wasn't nice.

Camila: Why?

Skye: (sigh) Max is my...ex-boyfriend. We dated for a while, I was a level 4 agent.

Camila: And what about him? What level was he?

Skye: He wasn't even an agent. He was a thief. We were somehow madly in love with each other.

Camila: So what? You run away from the organization?

Skye: No, but I was about to, anyway. I used to sneak out, miss trainings, abandon missions to see him. When we were discovered, I had to make a decision between my life as an agent or him.

Camila: And you chose to be agent.

Skye: That wasn't all. Max was sent to a juvenile detention center and I had my punishment too. I went down from level 4 to level 1.

Camila: What are you going to do now?

Skye: Whatever that it needs to be done. (watches Max inside the cell)

Max: (smiles at Skye)


Claire: Sir, what will we do with him?

Smith: I don't know

Claire: Yes, you do know.

Smith: Claire, I told you. I don't know.

Claire: Why you don't know?

Smith: Because I am not Skye.

Claire: What do you mean? That boy is a threat for us. And Skye, you know how far she went only for him.

Smith: Good agents learn from their mistake...

Claire: Well, some of them just can't realize what mistake they are making.

Smith: I believe that Skye is good enough to do know what she's doing.

Claire: And if she's not?

Smith: We will see that later.

Agent: (through the communicator) Agent Gordon, please come to the lab.

Claire: (to the communicator) Copy that. (back to Smith) Look, I am having this discussion with you because I care about Skye, nothing more. (leaves)

Smith: (rolls eyes and sighs)


Jake: (walks out of the lab) Claire! So good to see you. I had a question for you, who is the guy that Skye brought here?

Claire: (stops) Why don't you just ask her, she's your teammate. You might obtain valuable information if you talk directly to her rather than just ask me. (enters the lab)

Jake: Um...okay. (leaves)


Max: (sleeping)

Skye: (pour a cup of water into Max) Wake up!

Max: (wakes up and shakes his head) Really? Why don't you just punch me? That's way better than having wet clothes.

Skye: A punch doesn't last that long, but wet clothes, that require a long time to dry.

Max: Time? Why do we need time. Are you planning to...

Skye: (punches him) To interrogate you, yeah. I am interrogating you.

Max: (rubs his face) Just to be clear, is this wet clothing some of your interrogation techniques?

Skye: No. (opens a bottle of water and drinks) It's my own interrogation technique.

Max: How many times have you used that technique.

Skye: Only once. Right now.

Max: Then what techniques did you used in your previous interrogations?

Skye: So what? You want me to combine all those techniques right now?

Max: No, just asking. How's your life now, dear?

Skye: (steps on his foot)

Max: Ouch! Stop! This is worst than the juvie, especially when the interrogator is your ex...

Skye: (prepares to punch him)

Max: Stop! Why do you have to be so rude with me? Where's the Blue Skye that I knew?

Skye: She has become a Grey Skye.

Max: (sigh) What do you need? Can I leave after this all torturing thing?

Skye: After the interrogation, you will be send to another juvenile detention facility.

Max: (rolls eyes and sign) Is there any other option? I mean, I can stay here

Skye: This is not a juvie, if you want to remain as a our capture, then you will be moving to the Cocoon.

Max: The what?

Skye: Trust me, you won't be seeing butterflies there.

Max: Can I ask...?

Skye: You've been asking too many questions. Now's my turn. Who do you work for?