General Information
Full name Bethany Press
Nicknames Beth (by Madison and sometimes herself)
Bess (by Kylie)
Gender Female
Age 13
Resides in Chicago, USA
Occupation Student
Physical Appearance
Eye color Green
Hair color Black
Personal Information
Family Josephine (mother)
Unnamed father
Camilla (sister)
Friends Madison (best friend)
Daniel (good friend)
School Walnut Hills Junior High

Bethany is one of the main protagonist in The Perfect World. She's a little rebellious, but also a nice girl, who tries to find her place in the world.


Bethany is rebellious, but also sweet. She seems to dislike school, but she doesn't skip school. Her best friend is Madison, and she knows that she has a crush on Daniel. She dislikes Kylie, especially when she calls Bethany "Bess".


  • She's Madison's best friend.
  • She and Daniel are good friends.
  • She dislikes maths and science.