A Sudden Change of Diapers is the 9th episode of the third season of Descendants: Never Ending Stories. It's a two-part episode, continued by the 10th episode, Missing Pieces.

Script Edit


(Lily and Paul kissing. Lily is on top of him, her hands caressing his face and chest. Paul is underneath, his hands stroking her face and her lower back)

Lily: (smiles, says between kisses) You know you can go lower, right?

Paul: (chuckles, pulls away) I'm just being a gentleman.

Lily: (kisses him) Don't be.

Paul: (moves his hand lower, touching her buttocks and slightly squeezes it)

Lily: (lets out a small moan)

Paul: (pulls away, whispers) Sorry

Lily: (continues kissing him, giggles) That means I want more (moves her hands under his shirt and pulls it)

Paul: (sits up and takes the rest of the shirt off, tossing it to the floor)

Lily: (kisses his neck as she wraps her legs around his waist)

(knocks on the door)

Lily: Damn! (jumps off Paul and quickly picks his shirt, throwing it to him)

Paul: (quickly puts his shirt on) Hold a sec!

Lily: (fixes her hair, whispers) Crap.

Mercurius: (says from the other side of the door) Paul, I'm coming!

Lily: Double crap!

Mercurius: (opens door) Holy Macaroni!

Lily: Hey! That's my phrase!

Mercurius: And this is my room! Ugh! Can't believe that you guys are boinking in my room!

Lily: First of all, it's also Paul's. And second, we weren't even close to doing that!

Mercurius: Oh! Don't ya pretend like you're so innocent! I know exactly what you two were doing! It's just like what we did back then!

Paul: Guys! Stop yelling! The whole building's gonna hear this!

Mercurius: Like it's my problem!

Lily: Mercurius, shut up!

Mercurius: As you wish! (sticks out his tongue)

Lily: Lord! Grow up! (storms out of the room, hitting Mercurius' shoulder as she passes by)

Mercurius: (glares at Paul)


Lily: (opens the door and slams it shut) Ugh! Can't believe that bastard is actually doing this! (falls to her bed and buries her face in the pillows) And I can't believe I'm still talking to myself... (turns around and look at Zoey's empty bed) Damn it, Zoey! Ya had to leave me when I need ya most...

(knocks on the door)

Lily: Come in!

Paul: (opens door) You don't mind?

Lily: (smiles and shrugs) Of course not. (stands up and receives him) You okay?

Paul: (puts his arms around Lily) Why wouldn't I be?

Lily: (rolls eyes) You know, Mercurius can be a real pain in the butt sometimes. I still can't believe you have to share room with him!

Paul: (gets closer to Lily) As long as I got you, everything's alright (pecks on her lips)

Lily: (moves her hands to his head and pulls him to her. She kisses him deeply as she removes his shirt)

Paul: (pulls away) Lily...

Lily: (pulls him to her, but he refuses) What's wrong?

Paul: I don't wanna get into trouble...

Lily: (strokes his chest) You won't

Paul: (takes a step back, looking at Lily seriously) Lily, I meant it.

Lily: (bites her lower lip and sighs) Sorry. (sits on her bed)

Paul: Have you and Mercurius...?

Lily: (shakes her head) No, we never did it. He insisted, but I wasn't ready. That's why we broke up. (looks up at Paul) Have you ever...?

Paul: (shakes his head) Never. If we'd be my first.

Lily: (holds his hand) And you'd be my first, too.

Paul: (squeezes her hand) Maybe some time in the future. When we are ready.

Lily: (smiles) Yeah. When we're ready.

Paul: (lets go of Lily) Gotta go. G'night!

Lily: (stands up and pecks his lips) G'night, handsome. Sleep tight.

Paul: (opens the door) You, too. (leaves)


Mrs. Spencer: Alright, student. Sit down, please.

(students sit on their places and stays in silence)

Mrs. Spencer: (looks at the students and see an empty seat by the end of the classroom) Is everyone here missing?

Mercurius: (rushes to the class) I'm here, Mrs. Spencer.

Mrs. Spencer: Mr. Thorne. Why so late?

Mercurius: (scratches his head) My alarm kind off died.

Mrs. Spencer: (rolls eyes and mumbles) Excuses... Alright, sit down, Mr. Thorne.

Mercurius: (nods and sits on the empty seat. As he sits down, he notices that next to him is Lily) Hey!

Lily: (avoids him)

Mercurius: (whispers) I'm sorry, okay? About yesterday...I was...

Lily: (whispers) A jerk! That's what you were!

Mercurius: I said sorry!

Lily: That won't fix anything!

Mrs. Spencer: Thorne! De Beaumont! If what you two are discussing is way more important, then come up here and tell everyone!

Lily: I'm sorry, Mrs. Spencer. It won't happen again.

Mrs. Spencer: I hope so (continues with the class)

Lily: (glares at Mercurius)


Mrs. Spencer: And finally, the assignment that you will be doing during this month (takes out a robotic baby)

(the students groan)

Mrs. Spencer: Some of you who have older siblings or friends might know what this means. You will be taking care of a baby with a partner.

(the students find partners)

Mrs. Spencer: Which I've chosen myself

(the students groan)

Mrs. Spencer: (takes out a list and pin it on the assignment board)

(the students stands up and reaches the board. Some are frustrated with their partner, some are happy)

Mercurius: (searches for his name) Mercurius Thorne with...

Lily: (drops her jaw) No way in hell!

Mercurius: (turns to Mrs. Spencer) Mrs. Spencer. There's no way I'm partnering up with her.

Lily: Yeah, Mrs. Spencer. We can't do this. Besides, my ADHD...

Mrs. Spencer: That's what partners are for. (hands Lily a robotic baby)

(the bell rings)

Mrs. Spencer: Have a good time (hands another couple of students a robotic baby.)

(Lily and Mercurius exit the classroom)

Lily: (shoves the robotic baby into Mercurius)

(the robotic baby cries)

Lily: Your crap. Take care of it.

Mercurius: (shoves back to Lily) It's your crap, too! And guess what? Right now it wants mommy!

Lily: Oh, now you're being sexist, eh? (shoves back to Mercurius) Guess what? It wants daddy, too!

Mercurius: You know what I'd do if this crap was mine? I'd throw it away! No more problem!

Lily: Fine! Throw it away! It's your crap, anyway!

Mrs. Spencer: Thorne! De Beaumont! You two, detention!

Mercurius: Congratulations, see what you've done?

Lily: (cross her arms) Oh, like none it's your fault!

Fairy Godmother: You two! Stop it!

(Lily and Mercurius turn and look and Fairy Godmother. The entire student body stays in silence, either watching Fairy Godmother or Lily and Mercurius)

Fairy Godmother: For God's sake. Can any of you two calm that baby!

Mercurius: (rolls eyes. He carefully rocked the baby in his arms.)

(the baby stops crying)

Fairy Godmother: Thank you! Now care to tell me what's the fuss?

Lily: (glares at Mercurius) I won't be partner with Mercurius.

Fairy Godmother: Why not?

Mercurius: Because she can't assume her responsibilities! She never will!

Fairy Godmother: Mercurius, lower the tone, please. (to the students) Please return to what you were doing (looks at Lily and Mercurius) As for you two, to my office. Right now.


(Fairy Godmother opens the door. Lily and Mercurius follow her in. Fairy Godmother sits on her chair and gestures Lily and Mercurius to sit down in the chairs in front of her desk)

Fairy Godmother: Listen, I know you two had a history together, and Mrs. Spencer has decided put you together for this assignment. (pauses for a moment) The only thing I'm asking you is to not take this assignment personally. Just see each other like any other classmate that was randomly paired with you. Take care of this wonderful being nicely, although it's not real, and you both will have good grades. End of the assignment (smiles)

Lily: (sighs) Fine.

Mercurius: We'll be taking care of this baby.

Fairy Godmother: (nods) Excellent! Good luck!

(Lily and Mercurius stand up and exit the office)

Mercurius: Here's what we gonna do. You take care of it today, and I'll do my part tomorrow.

Lily: Hell no! You do it today, I'll do tomorrow.

Mercurius: (rolls eyes) Whatever, princess.

Lily: It's Your Highness...

Mercurius: (mockingly bows) Your Highness... (leaves)


Lily: (wraps her arms around Paul) Hey, handsome.

Paul: (smiles) Your Highness...

Lily: Huh! What's with the good manners?

Paul: I've always been a gentleman (kisses her cheek and holds her hand) Let's go.

(Lily and Paul pick their lunch and sit on one of the outdoor tables)


Lily: (takes a sip of the juice) I'm free tonight. Wanna go out?

Paul: (shakes his head) Sorry. Can't. I gotta do the Math assignment.

Lily: But you're pretty good at it. You don't have to spend all night doing that.

Paul: Lily, please don't misunderstand this. I'm just asking for some alone time. On my own.

Lily: (raises eyebrows and stares at Paul) You ain't cheating me, right?

Paul: Absolutely not. Why would I if I already have you? (kisses her hand)

(the bell rings)


Paul: (opens door) 'Sup, Merl? (notices the robotic baby) Wait a min...Is that a baby?

Mercurius: (shows Paul the robotic baby) No, of course not. It's fake. And an assignment that I have to do with your girlfriend. (carefully places the baby in his bed)

Paul: So Lily is the mother (glances at the baby)

Mercurius: Apparently. Mrs. Spencer enjoys seeing us miserable, so yes, Lily is the mother. (throws his hands up) No jealousy here, right? We're cool?

Paul: Yeah, man. (shrugs) If it is for an assignment, then I'm cool.

Mercurius: Thanks, man. Anyway, before you start with the typical jealous boyfriend syndrome, I want you to know that Lily and I will do our best to not see each other while we do this. Which leads to the second problem. We'll have to stay for detention tomorrow. I'm pretty sure it's just us two because kids here hardly get detention...

Paul: (sits on his bed) Okay (exhales) I guess there's nothing I can do about that.

Mercurius: Yeah, sorry. But I'll try to keep my promise. I swear.

Paul: Okay. I'll have to trust you and Lily then.

Mercurius: Thanks, man.

Paul: You're welcome.

Mercurius: Also, you don't mind if this thing cries in the middle of the night? (points at the robotic)

Paul: (shrugs) No, not at all.

Mercurius: (grins) Yeah. Then good luck having a good sleep.


Mercurius: (taps his fingers to the table)

Mrs. Spencer: (comes in) Mr. Thorne. You're early. (looks at the empty seat next to him) Now where's your lovely partner?

Mercurius: She'll be here in a minute...or two.

Mrs. Spencer: Well (claps her hands together)

Lily: (rushes to the classroom) I'm here! Not even late! (sits down in the first seat she finds)

Mrs. Spencer: Ms. De Beaumont. I'd appreciate if you take a closer seat.

Lily: (frowns and stands up, moves to the seat next to Mercurius)

Mrs. Spencer: I believe you two have picked a name for the baby.

Lily: (snorts) Really?

Mercurius: Lucy (glances at Lily) We've named her Lucy.

Lily: (rolls eyes) Yes, Mrs. Spencer. We named her Lucy.

Mrs. Spencer: What a lovely name. Now, I want to know, who took care of Lucy yesterday?

Mercurius: I did.

Mrs. Spencer: And why Lily didn't?

Lily: (shrugs) Because I'm gonna take care of her today.

Mrs. Spencer: Why you two didn't do it together?

Mercurius: We...

Lily: (punches the table) Seriously? I thought this was school! Not some sort of magical cave where everyone is acting like Cupid! Spending time with my ex won't make me change my mind and leap back to him! I've moved on! Okay? (glares at Mercurius)

Mrs. Spencer: Lily, don't take this personally...

Lily: I already did! (stands up) I really don't care how this is gonna affect my reputation, but I better choose going the hell out of this mad house! (storms out of the classroom)

Mercurius: (covers his face with his hands)

Mrs. Spencer: (sighs) What a mess...

Mercurius: Mrs. Spencer, it's not your fault, neither hers. (pauses for a moment) I'm gonna call Alex. He know what to do. (pulls out his phone) If you don't mind.

Mrs. Spencer: (nods) Go ahead.

Mercurius: Excuse me (stands up and exits the classroom. He dials Alex's number)

Alex: (through the phone) 'Sup, Merl?

Mercurius: Hey, Lex! You free right now?

Alex: Yeah. What's the matter?

Mercurius: It's Lily. She's having a tantrum. Probably heading to her room now.

Alex: (sighs) Okay. Thanks for telling me. I'm heading there, right now.

Mercurius: Thanks, man.

Alex: What happened?

Mercurius: You remember the assignment where you have to take care of a baby.

Alex: Let me guess...She's with you.

Mercurius: Uh huh.

Alex: You know, as the typical overprotective older brother I should be punching you right now...along with Adam and Leo...

Mercurius: (chuckles) I'll pass, man.

Alex: (chuckles) Yeah, okay. I'll be heading to Lily's right now. Bye!

Mercurius: Bye (hangs up. He returns to the classroom)

Mrs. Spencer: Well, the point was to have you two reconcile and work together. I guess now that Lily's not here, I'll have to let you go.

Mercurius: Thanks, Mrs. Spencer. (grabs his things and leaves)


Lily: (plays with the slinky as she paces around her room)

(knocks on the door)

Lily: Go away! Whoever you are!

Alex: (says from the other side) Lils, it's me.

Lily: (opens the door. Says cheerfully) Alex! Hi! Come in! (opens the door wider) What brings you here?

Alex: (sits on Zoey's empty bed) Merl told me...

Lily: (grabs Alex's arm and pulls him) Then go away!

Alex: (stops Lily) Sorry, can't. It's my duty as your brother to stay.

Lily: (sighs) Fine. (closes the door and sits next to Alex) Go on! Criticize me!

Alex: (chuckles) I won't. There's nothing to criticize.

Lily: Adam? Leo? They're not here right?

Alex: No. Just you and me (pauses for a moment) Hey! Wanna go out? Maybe grab an ice cream or something. You know, clear your head from whatever thoughts you have?

Lily: I'll drive... (stands up and grabs her leather jacket)

Alex: (stands up and grabs her wrist) I drive. You listen.

Lily: (sighs) Okay...


Alex: (driving) So tell me everything from the beginning

Lily: Because everyone wants to be Cupid and makes things however they want, Mrs. Spencer put me and that bastard together on an assignment... and pretend like we had a baby. Please! Like I'm gonna ever leap back to him! And now I'm with Paul... It's not that simple to be okay somewhere near your ex while you're dating someone else!

Alex: (parks the car and turns off the engines) We're here.


Lily: (opens the door and exits. Closes it right after)

Alex: (exits the car and closes the door right after) Lils, do me a favor. Have fun tonight. We'll do whatever you want and when your head is clear, we'll talk.

Lily: (crosses her arms) Okay...


Ringmaster: (advertising) Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... Come and see the great performances of WonderCircus! Clowns! Acrobats! Magicians! We got everything! Come to see it for yourselves right now!

Lily: (chewing popcorn) It's been years since the last time I've seen a circus show. Shall we?

Alex: (shrugs) As you command, Your Highness...

(Lily and Alex enter the tent and sit down)

Lily: (chewing popcorn) Lord! I missed this! Just being somewhere normal that isn't full of first-class perfumes and latest-fashion clothes!

Alex: (grabs popcorn from Lily's bag and shoves them into his mouth) I know, right! And the best of all, nobody is telling us to stop talking while we chew!

Lily: (snorts while laughing) And nobody is actually criticizing me for sounding like a pig!

Alex: (laughs out loud) Lord! You do sound like a pig!

(Lily and Alex continues laughing)

Girl from behind: Shut your disgusting snouts already!

Boy from behind: Yeah! Shut up!

Lily: (turns around) I'm sorry. Are you telling us to shut our clean mouths?

Girl from behind: Yes! You and your boyfriend!

Lily: (stands up and put her hands on her hips) First of all, you don't get to tell me what to do. This is a free place, and the show hasn't started, so what's with the fuss? As long as the show hasn't started, I get to be as loud as I want. And second, this is my brother!

Girl from behind: (crosses her arms and stands up) Oh, and what are you and your brother gonna do if I do... (splashes soda in Lily's shirt) this!

Lily: (gasps and grabs the girl by the shirt) You listen nice and you listen careful. (pulls her closer) This is my favorite jacket and you just ruined it! You gonna live a miserable life. So miserable that you gonna beg...

Alex: (pulls Lily and the girl apart) Wow! Cool down! Let's not make things crazy.

Girl from behind: Oh! You tell that to your sister, monkey head! (slaps Lily)

Lily: (glares at the girl angrily) You gonna regret this...


Alex: (pulls Lily out of the tent)

Lily: (wiggles out of his grip) Let me out! Let me the hell out!

Alex: (grips her even tighter) Not doing that!

Lily: You gonna regret this!

Alex: (drags her) Trust me, it's you who's gonna regret this


Alex: (lets go of Lily) Lily, calm down!

Lily: Okay! Okay! (throws her hands up) I'm calm (punches Alex in the face)

Alex: (grunts) Ow! (rubs his face) I guess I did deserve that.

Lily: (crosses her arms) Yes. Pretty much.

Alex: (nods) You better now?

Lily: No! Because someone did not want me to maim the hell out of that bimbo!

Alex: Sorry! Okay? Do you have any idea what a fuss it would be if they discover us?

Lily: They won't! You erase their memory, just like you just did, and we're fine!

Alex: (rubs his forehead) Ugh! Just hope that nobody has taken pictures...

Lily: (pulls out her phone and checks on social media. Her jaws drop as she scrolls down) Crap... (shows Alex the picture of Lily grabbing the girl by the shirt)

Alex: (covers his face) Damn it...

(his phone rings. It says Mom)

Alex: Double crap... (answers the phone) Hey mom!

Mal: (through the phone, yells) Alexander! You and Lily are going home! Right now! If you dare to escape, I swear I'm gonna eternally haunt your very souls!

Alex: Lily and I are just on our away... (hangs up)

Lily: Uh... (shows Alex her phone again) I'm a headline now... (shows the front page of the The Auradon Times, titling "The Princess gone bad?" with the same picture)

Alex: (opens the car's door and gets in) We have to go home. Right now.

Lily: (gets in and buckles up) Can we not? Please! Drive anywhere! Let's drown ourselves in the ocean! I don't care the rest!

Alex: (buckles up and starts the engines. Starts to drive out of the parking area) Sorry. I'd rather face mom than have my soul haunted for eternity...


(Lily and Alex sits on a couch as Mal scolds them, Ben was standing near)

Mal: (yells) You two are so grounded! You took off without leaving a call! Not even a message! And you've gone without guards! Do you know how insane it is? You two could have been hurt!

Lily: But we are fine. No biggie, right?

Mal: (yells) Wrong! (shows the same front page of The Auradon Times) This is huge!

Lily: Mom! It is not! It's just a picture and a bunch of sentences written by people who don't understand a thing!

Mal: (reads to the few first sentences) "Princess Lily of Auradon has been spotted in WonderFair along with her adopted brother, Alexander McKinsey. The two Royal youngsters has entered the WonderCircus. Many witnesses has claimed that the Princess and McKinsey were being too loud, as such, talking with their mouth full". Do you realize how wrong it is to talk with your mouth full?

Lily: (mumbles) What a bunch of a-holes!

Mal: Language, young lady!

Lily: (rolls eyes and falls back)

Mal: Alex. You have something to say?

Alex: (shrugs) No. Not really, honestly saying.

Mal: (looks at Ben) Benjamin. You have something to say?

Ben: (looks at Mal with his eyes wide and throws his hands up) No, not really...

Mal: Benjamin! Your kids just ran away!

Ben: I guess they have something to say?

Lily: Finally! Thank you, dad!

Ben: (nods) You're welcome...

Mal: (looks back at Lily and Alex) Start at the beginning.

Lily: I needed to clear my head, so Alex took me somewhere out. We were only aiming for buying ice creams, but we ended up buying popcorn, then I wanted feel normal again so we decided to see a circus show, then then there's a bimbo behind us who just couldn't stand how loud I was being while around her people are way more louder, so I kindly stood up and told her to shut her mouth, but then she decided to fire things up by throwing her drink into my beautiful leather jacket! Of course that I was angry! I had to stand up and teach her a lesson... but then my moronic brother had to stand up and be the goody.

Alex: Well, it was between that or worse headlines!

Lily: Anyway! It's just a stupid headline! What's with the fuss?

Mal: That people will think the King and Queen of Auradon don't know how to control their children!

Lily: Oh, so it's about your reputation now? Am I anything else than an object for your reputation? Is that the reason why you adopted Alex? Reputation?

Mal: (looks at Lily shockingly, her hands covering her mouth. She turns away)

Ben: (walks to Lily and Alex) Come on. You guys need to rest for school tomorrow.

(Ben walks to the door and opens it for Lily and Alex. Lily and Alex exits the room)

Mal: (sobs) I'm such a bad mother...

Ben: (puts his arms around Mal from behind) Mal, you're just as good as any mother could be (kisses her head)

Mal: I just made things worse... I let my anger took control, I couldn't tell what was wrong... (sobs)

Ben: Love, you were stressed out. That's normal, it happens to anyone.

Mal: Now Lily's mad at me. I shouldn't have yelled at her. Or Alex. (covers her face with her hands) Oh, Lord. Now Alex is probably thinking that we adopted him because of reputation.

Ben: Mal, they are wonderful kids. They are our kids. I'm sure they will understand.

Mal: (sighs) Let's hope so. (turns around and kisses Ben on the lips) It's late. We should be sleeping as well.

(Ben and Mal exit the room, holding hands)


(the bell rings)

Mr. Courtois: Au Revoir! Bonne journée!

(students exits the classroom)

Lily: (walks out of class and sees Mercurius)

Mercurius: (waves with one hair, the other carrying the robotic baby) Hey! I hope you're all right with doing your part today.

Lily: No! Obviously I'm not all right!

Mercurius: I'm sorry about yesterday...and the day before. I honestly just want you to be better.

Lily: (sighs) Ugh! I hate the fact I can never be mad at people! (looks away) Fine. Give me the kid. (open her arms)

Mercurius: (hands Lily the robotic baby) Here

Lily: (receives the robotic baby) She's... heavier. What did you feed her?

Mercurius: (shrugs) A simulated bottle? (hands Lily the bag of the baby's things)

Lily: (receives them, then walks away, mumbling) Let's hope that I never get crazy and think about kids.


Lily: (opens the door and walks in with the baby and the bag of needs in her arm)

(the robotic baby cries)

Lily: (frowns) Why can't you be a nice baby and cry less?

(the robotic baby keeps crying)

Lily: (places the baby and the bag of needs in the bed. Opens the bag and searches) What do you give when you got a crying baby... (pulls out a pacifier) Bingo! (inserts the pacifier in the baby's mouth)

(the robotic baby keeps crying)

Lily: Not in mood? (takes out the pacifier and keeps searching in the bag) A toy...let's see if you got a toy... (searches the bag, but finds nothing)

(the robotic baby keeps crying)

Lily: (takes the baby in her arms and starts rocking) All right! All right!

(the robotic baby keeps crying)

Leo: You gotta give the baby a bottle.

Lily: Oh! Right! (pulls out the bottle and inserts it into the baby's mouth)

(the robotic baby stops crying)

Lily: Thanks... (turns around) Leo! You're here! (rushes to him)

Leo: (throws his hands up) Wow! Slow down! You got a baby!

Lily: (looks down at the baby) Yeah, right (smiles) You don't mind if I hug you later?

Leo: (shakes his head) No. Take your time.

Lily: What brings you here, Leo?

Leo: The news...

Lily: Yeah, right...

Leo: You're good?

Lily: Perfect! (chuckles, then says between her teeth) In my way to hell...

Leo: (gestures at the robotic baby) You gonna drown him...

Lily: Oh! I forgot (takes out the bottle and put it back in the bag. She then carefully puts the baby in Zoey's empty bed) It's a girl, anyway...

Leo: Yeah, okay. (opens his arms)

Lily: (hugs Leo) Oh, I missed you so so much! You and Adam! Which by the way, is he home?

Leo: Nah. Adam's quite busy lately, but he'll be back by summer.

Lily: (chuckles and lets go of Leo) It's nice to have you back, there's so much that I need to tell you!

Leo: Make it quick. I gotta be back on campus by night. (sits on Lily's bed)

Lily: Then why didn't you wait until weekend? (pulls out a chair and sits) We could have more time, and Adam could be here, too!

Leo: Sorry, just can't wait to see my favorite sister.

Lily: (chuckles) I love you, too.

Leo: (looks at Zoey's empty bed) I heard that Zoey took off.

Lily: (looks at Zoey's empty bed) Yeah. She went to DunBroch in exchange for one of their students, Paul Suarez. (smiles)

Leo: You seem radiant. What's so special about the exchange guy?

Lily: (raises both eyebrows) Really? You don't know? Paul and I have been going out for like a month.

Leo: Hold on... You're dating again?

Lily: Yeah, I'm 17!

Leo: (exhales) Wow... (takes off his glasses) Are you serious?

Lily: Yeah, I am serious. And I'm also stuck in an assignment with Mercurius Thorne!

Leo: (gestures at the robotic baby) That?

Lily: Yes! You don't know how awful it is to pretend to be his kid's mom!

Leo: The point of the assignment is that you learn to be careful and to be ready in life when the moment comes...

Lily: I get the point! But they aren't suppose to put my ex as my partner!

Leo: Calm down, Lily. (puts his hands on her shoulders and slowly pinned her down) Sit down. I need you to take a deep breathe...

Lily: (inhales deeply)

Leo: And let it go...

Lily: (exhales)

Leo: Feeling better?

Lily: (nods)

Leo: Now, I want you to listen carefully. This will sound rough and perhaps very wrong, but trust me, life is crazy and anything is possible...

Lily: Except for...

Leo: (put his hand up) Shush! Just listen and try to not cut me

Lily: (nods)

Leo: I believe that they put Mercurius with you for some reason, and it's good that they do so. Let's say... what happens, if back in the time you guys were together, you guys did something more than just dating? We are humans and we all make mistakes, so, now answer me, what if something else happened during your time with him.

Lily: (looks down at the robotic baby) That could've happened, and I wouldn't be ready for it.

Leo: Exactly (holds her hand) And you'd be holding that huge responsibility while you're in school.

Lily: (shakes her head) But no, it did not happened, and it will not happen until I'm ready.

Leo: Who knows? It could happen anytime and I bet you wouldn't even think about the consequences as it happens...

Lily: (sighs) Yeah, you're right.

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